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Please explain the basic working principles of AGXX®

AGXX® is a patented specifically structured surface of 2 precious metals conditioned by a post- treatment, which develops its superior efficacy by catalytically driven multiple redox couples and a microelectric field. Any material coated or containing AGXX® brought into contact with H2O creates active oxygen species which have a broadband antimicrobial effect known and proven since many decades.

Is the efficacy of AGXX® based on the antimicrobial properties of silver ?
  • The efficacy of AGXX® is NOT based on the release of silver-ions! It is based on the micro-electric field created in aqueous solutions by means of the galvanic properties of the precious metals combined in AGXX®.
  • In contrast to silver, AGXX® is also antimicrobially effective in sulphurous environments. In silver technology, the free silver ions are immediately trapped in sulphurous environments by the formation of sparingly soluble silver sulfide. Silver sulfide has the lowest solubility of all compounds in aqueous solutions, so that virtually no silver ions are available in a sulfur-containing environment for killing germs.
How does AGXX® compare to silver based technologies ?
  • AGXX® works against several silver-resistant E. coli bacteria which silver ion based technologies are not effective against (Grohmann et al.).
  • AGXX® also works against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), that are difficult to kill with silver ions.
  • In contrast to silver, AGXX® is highly effective against biofilm formation (tested on MRSA: Flight and Travel Medicine 2016, Frontiers 2018). Comparisons of biofilm avoidance between AGXX® and silver at the genetic level (MRSA) show that AGXX® targets genes that are addressing proteins initiating biofilms (Frontiers, 2018).
Does AGXX® also work against Viruses and Fungi ?

Yes, AGXX® is also highly effective against viruses and bacteria and even many types of fungi and yeast.

Is the cost of AGXX® high compared to other technologies ?

As only very small amounts of precious metals are used to create  AGXX® and AGXX® is long-lasting, AGXX® has a potential to deliver superior total cost of ownership across a wide range of applications compared to conventional technologies based on silver ions, biocides or antibiotics.