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LARGENTEC – The company behind AGXX®

About Us

About Us.

To contribute to the rising need for broadly and highly effective yet environment friendly and non-toxic antibacterial, antiviral and biofilm preventing solutions, we develop and market a wide range of technologies and products for healthcare, consumer and industrial applications.

After more than 10 years of deep-tech research and application development, our proprietary bioactive materials and surfaces are available as surface coatings and additive in various forms and types.

We are delighted to support our customers and licensees hands on from the first proof of concept and initial trials to regulatory approvals and marketing launches of their products using our AGXX® Technology.

The AGXX® Advantages

AGXX® benefits at a glance.

  • Environmentally friendly: Not based on toxic substances.
  • Long-Lasting: Self-regenerating surface, no depot effect.
  • Powered by Nature: ROS generated from water and oxygen.
  • Broadly Effective: Broadband efficacy w/o formation of resistances.
  • Ease of handling: No energy supply needed, no hazardous substances.
  • Cost Efficient: Minimal concentrations sufficient in most applications
Business Model

Largentec’s Business Model.

Based on our proprietary bioactive materials and surfaces we develop and license application specific solutions globally to large OEM’s as well as selectively develop and market own products. To support our customers and licensees we provide R&D services across the life-cycle.

Foundation, Milestones & Roadmap.

Founded in 2009 by Prof. Dr. Uwe Landau, the first systems were developed in close collaboration with our scientific partners at the Free University Berlin and Beuth University of Applied Sciences. After several years of research and microbiological studies, the first commercial licensee, Feindrahtwerke Adolf Edelhoff, ramped up manufacturing and sales of AGXX® coated metal meshes for consumer and industrial water applications in 2014. Since 2018, Ayad Abul-Ella joined Largentec as interim CEO and drives since April 2022 as group CEO the commercialization of AGXX®into a variety of markets and applications.

Largentec core team from left to right: Olaf Wagner, Uwe Landau, Carsten Meyer, Ayad Abul-Ella, Moritz Landau

2022 - CLEANCEL® Introduction
  • Novel Lyocell based antimicrobial fibre introduced
  • Permanently antimicrobial, antiviral and odor preventing
  • Free of toxic biocides
2021 - Company Transformation
  • A. Abul-Ella becomes CEO of Largentec Vertriebs GmbH
  • New corporate and governance structures
  • Qualified manufacturing partners for PVD and electroplating in place
2020 - IP Protection
  • Several new patents filed
  • IP protection ensured across various target applications
  • UroStick ™ approval process as medical device class II started
2019 - HERAEUS Partnership
  • Strategic partnership established with Heraeus
  • Development of AGXX® particles for large scale manufacturing started by Heraeus
  • Exclusive license of AGXX® particles signed in Nov 2020
2016 - First Medical Device
  • UroStick ™ development finalized
  • Ice breaker for electroplated bioactive surfaces as medical device
2014 - Feindrahtwerke Adolf Edelhoff Partnership
  • License granted to Feindrahtwerke Adolf Edelhoff
  • Electroplated metal mesh for water applications
  • aeAqua brand launched in Germany
2012 - Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Partnership
  • Exclusive license granted for electroplating processing in Japan
  • Joint Sales & Marketing in Japan, Korea and Asian counties
2009 - Foundation

Start of fundamental research and first field trials with AGXX® for biocide replacement.