“Microorganisms are omnipresent and they have important functions in the self cleaning of waters, soils and sediments. Without microbes there would be no life on our planet. But it is only in the last couple of years that scientists have recognized how extraordinarily large their number and significance really is, and how closely related and manifold the connections between microorganisms and humans, animals, plants and materials really are, so that the author Bernhard Kegel in his book has called them the „rulers of the world“ (Die Herrscher der Welt) [1]. Their long development history of more than 3.5 million years has provided them with the adaptive abilities to survive and reproduce even under the most adverse environ- mental conditions. Estimations are that 99 percent of all micro-organisms on earth are preferring the life form of bio films because this guarantees them protection and nutrition [2].”

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