AGXX® - the new bioactive contact catalyst
for decontamination of aqueous systems

What does AGXX technology mean?

Sterilization, disinfection and decontamination
of water and watery solutions

Already in the ancient times the disinfecting properties of small amounts of silver led people to use it. In drinking water supplies on ships or in tanks for example they put some silver coins to make it last longer. For the same reason silver cups and pots were used as stock bins or drinking cups.

At the end of the 19th century J. Ravelin and K. Nägeli scientifically examined and described the disinfecting properties of silver in small quantities. The so-called oligodynamic action of silver, its high efficacy with low dosing, is caused by the release of silver ions into aqueous solutions.

Chronology of killing yeast cells by AGXX Chronology of killing yeast cells by AGXX. For evaluation of the chronology of the destruction it has to be considered that the blue staining of yeast cells only appears one to ten minutes after their destruction. Since after 15 minutes all cells turned blue, it means that the AGXX particle completely killed all yeast cells in its neighborhood after only 5 minutes.

After the scientific background of the action of silver was understood, its methodical use started in different areas as well as the further development of this technology. Up to now the sterilizing action of silver ions has been proven in more than 650 different species of bacteria, fungus and viruses.

As an alternative to antibiotics which have lost their efficacy and problematic biocides, the bio-active action of silver is getting more and more important and is used increasingly. Silver therefore is experiencing a renaissance as a means of producing clean water and keeping it clean afterwards. The continual improvement and ongoing development of the efficiency of silver technology is our major goal.

AGXX® is an antimicrobial contact catalyst

AGXX® is a specifically structured and coated silver surface which has been refined and conditioned by further treatment. Its antimicrobial action mainly takes place on or very close to the AGXX surface by depolarizing biological membranes and subsequent cell lysis.

Long-range action and surface effect for the antimicrobial action on bacteria cells Combination of the long-range action and surface effect for the antimicrobial action on bacteria cells in relation to distance.
1. Classic FW only by taking up silver ions
2. Accelerated taking up of silver ions by partial depolarization of membranes
3. Accelerated lysis by depolarization and permeabilisation of membranes

First results of long-term studies with AGXX® technology in practical application have shown that AGXX® does not have the disadvantages of conventional silver technologies, since it basically is a different mechanism of action..

This is clearly shown by the following shortcomings in the action of the conventional silver technology that are not present in the new AGXX® technology:

  • significantly retarded beginning of the sterilizing effect
  • Dependence of the release and stabilization of free silver ions
  • Deactivation of silver ions by sulfur compounds or complexing agents
  • Limited results in the efficiency of microbial decontamination.

With AGXX we are able to further eliminate all these disadvantages and develop new materials and procedures to continue improving the properties of our silver technology and its completion.

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