AGXX® - the new bioactive contact catalyst
for decontamination of aqueous systems

How does AGXX® work?

AGXX® is a physical contact catalyst

A specifically structured and coated silver surface is up-graded and conditioned by a special post-treatment. The result is a completely new highly efficient antimicrobial surface which releases only minimal amounts of silver ions.

With a physical contact catalyst the killing of microorganisms mainly takes place on or very close to the AGXX surface by depolarization and following cell lysis. This makes entirely new solutions for the sterilization of water systems possible.

SEM micrograph of AGXX surface SEM micrograph of AGXX® surface

Firstly a bio-active silver surface with a micro-porous structure is generated by coating. Secondly after coating with another precious metal the surface is treated and conditioned by special bio-molecules. By developing suitable test methods we have succeeded in accelerating the anti-microbial activity of such surfaces.

Further testing led us to the identification of a particularly active surface. This was confirmed by following observation: the well-known oligo-dynamic effect of silver for bacteria reduction has been significantly increased and accelerated and therefore presents an essential improvement of quality.

The anti-microbial action is no longer dependent on the quantity of silver ions

Surprisingly the anti-microbial action was no longer dependent on the concentration of silver ions. The complementary coating as a cover and regulator layer limited the silver ion release into its environment significantly. Simultaneously the sterilizing action started only a short time after getting into contact with bacteria contaminated water.

Detailed studies regarding the action of AGXX prove it to be a highly efficient contact catalyst. If micro-organisms in aqueous solutions get close to the AGXX surface, the result is not only their accelerated inactivation but also their efficient killing by cell lysis. The accelerated permeabilisation of microbial membranes also results in minimal amounts of silver ions necessary for a sterilizing effect.

comparison with the conventional silver technology In comparison with the conventional silver technology this new bio-active surface attains a much faster and more efficient killing of micro-organisms.

The discovery of AGXX as a revolutionary new contact catalyst for the sterilization of aqueous solutions led to the development of specific new cartridges, filter cartridges and reactors which contain AGXX. Their construction guarantees a close and sustained contact of contaminated aqueous solutions with the AGXX surface. These reactors and filter systems work by flow-through or bypass and in serial or parallel order. A simple refitting of nearly all already existing machines and industrial plants is possible without much difficulty and expenditure.

After long and extensive successful testing, reactors and filter systems are used for sterilization of cooling lubricants and cooling or process water. For over more than twelve months reactors with AGXX filling have been used in selected industrial companies and supply effective sterilization of different aqueous systems with the release of nearly no other active substances.

The typical process of sterilization after connecting the reactors is characterized by a slow but steady fall of the number of microorganisms. In addition one observes a change in the spectrum of the microbial species. After two to three months some of the systems are more or less free of microbial contaminations, whereas some others stay constant on a low level.

No AGXX® resistant germs

In spite of a great number of different bacteria and fungus in industrial plants no AGXX-resistant germs have appeared up to now. And considering the new mechanism of sterilization, surface action, depolarization and permeabilisation of biological membranes the generation of any kind of resistance is not to be expected. Conclusive for rapid testing of sterilization efficiency are inhibition zones which are shown here exemplarily for a contaminated cooling lubricant on growth medium.

Rapid test for decontamination of coolant by AGXX® Rapid test for decontamination of coolant by AGXX®. 50µl of contaminated coolant from strong septic current machines were dropped on special nutrient agar. The control (C) without AGXX® shows uninhibited growth of microorganisms. Probe P1 and P2 were dripped on AGXX® and here an effective destruction of all germs in the area of networks was achieved.

Thereby many disadvantages of classic biocides can be avoided, the most important being high toxity for man and animal, allergen substances, rapid formation of bacterial resistances, limited spectrum of action, significant corrosive capacity, especially by substances as hydrogen peroxide, active oxygen compounds, chlorine radicals, sulfur compounds, phenols, formaldehyde etc.

The virtually active substance-free treatment of water by AGXX entails water keeping its drinking water quality. For drinking water the prophylactic limit for silver ions is 100µg per liter which even in permanent operation is not exceeded by AGXX. The low concentration of silver ions is furthermore completely sufficient for the efficient surface action of AGXX and the oligo-dynamic action of silver ions in aqueous solutions.

For very sensitive applications in the pharmaceutical and bio-medical area water of such high quality can be produced that at the end of the process only minimal amounts of silver ions are present. Therefore no additional toxic burden in industrial process water or effluents is generated by AGXX®.

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