AGXX® - the new bioactive contact catalyst
for decontamination of aqueous systems

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ gives you answers to frequently asked questions
concerning AGXX® technology.

What does AGXX® mean?

It is based on stainless steel mesh with a coating of a specially structured silver (Ag) surface. The two X stand for two more patent-pending process steps. First, in a special procedure another precious metal in microporous structure is applied, which is then refined by conditioning treatment with a vitamin derivative in a special immersion.

What does AGXX®?

The application of this new, highly efficient antimicrobal AGXX® surface which releases only minimal amounts of silver ions takes place in aqueous solutions and leads to complete sterilization. The destruction of the microorganisms mainly takes place at or near the AGXX® bioactive surface by depolarization of its biological membranes and subsequent cell lysis.

What is the meaning of bioactive contact catalyst?

Detailed studies on the mechanism of action identify AGXX® as an efficient contact catalyst. If microorganisms in aqueous solution get near (close) to the AGXX® surface, the result is not only an accelerated inactivation of microorganisms, but also an efficient killing by lysis. The accelerated permeabilisation of microbial membranes also causes the germicidal effect of silver ions in minimal quantities. Since a high concentration of silver (ions) is no longer decisive (important), this new bioactive surface has a significantly faster antimicrobial action.

Where can AGXX® be used?

In practice, there are already many successful projects for the disinfection of cooling lubricants and cooling, service and process water. Since AGXX® virtually works without any substances and is safe for humans, further applications in pharmaceutical, medical, sanitation, ultrasonic cleaning equipments, food, biomedical areas and drinking water treatment, as well as for dishwashers, Fine Screens, decontamination of water for flowers or cleaning of windshields and many more are being tested.

How is AGXX® used?

PE or stainless steel baskets with so-called Raschigkörperfüllung, flow reactors, cascade reactors, floating frames with AGXX®-covering, modular units with so-called curtain systems, plug-in units with variable inserts, filter boxes. AGXX® can be manufactured as a foil, grid or powder. The coating of diverse materials such as stainless steel, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc., is possible.

At what temperature and pH range is AGXX® used?

The system is used in aqueous solutions in the temperature ranges between 10 - 120°C (autoclave) and at a pH of 1 to 11. Other operating conditions for special applications are being tested. For special customer requirements appropriate laboratory testing can be made. AGXX® will not be harmed during a sterilization with gamma radiation.

What life is attainable?

With appropriate care, for example the regular removal of dead biomass or heavy suspended substances, several years of life are possible. An effective way of cleaning is possible through a cleaning solution that we developed which is non-polluting.

By the choice of layer thickness the durability of AGXX® can be adjusted so that the antimicrobial activity is maintained for months or several years. Due to its special characteristics, AGXX® is also resistent to most chemicals, and especially against the inactivating effect of active sulfur compounds on silver (ions).

Which exposures or pressures should be avoided for AGXX®?

Since AGXX® is a special coating of noble metal, all highly abrasive exposures, such as intense friction on or with other metal surfaces which might detach the coating from the carrier should be avoided.

Which bacteria can be killed by AGXX® and is there any resistance?

So far, no bacteria have been found which are not killed. Only the period of time needed for disinfection is of different length, depending on the level of contamination. The mechanism strictly prevents any resistances. AGXX® was able to kill multi-resistant bacteria in KSS which were no longer controllable with biocides.

Currently there are no precise findings concerning viruses. However, since it is said that even viruses can be eliminated by silver, a similar effect of AGXX® can not be excluded. It must be considered that viruses do not have a metabolism as bacteria or fungi.

What special features or advantages does AGXX® have?

  • novel microporous coating with high antimicrobial action
  • Manufacture and application of the coatings at room temperature
  • rapid antimicrobial effect upon contact with aqueous solutions
  • no dependence on and release of large amounts of silver ions
  • high efficiency in aqueous solutions with flow / exchange of the water volume
  • Development of resistance almost impossible
  • virtually maintenance-free systems
  • durability of the surface
  • no additional need of biocides
  • no degradation of additives such as corrosion protectives, emulsifiers, etc.
  • no increase in the corrosion potential of aqueous solutions
  • easy retrofitting of existing systems
  • no AOX formation
  • no additional energy input / entry as in thermal disinfection, UV, ozone or disinfection by lysis procedures
  • no storage, handling and disposal of contaminated (biocide) solutions
  • no handling of chlorine or chlorine dioxide
  • Recyclability of used AGXX® systems.

Is AGXX® toxic or an environmental hazard?

The high antimicrobial efficiency no longer depends on the concentration of silver ions. The treatment of water without almost any substances by AGXX ® results in pure water retaining its drinking water quality. For drinking water there is a (prophylactic) standard of 100 micrograms silver ions per liter which is not exceeded by AGXX® even in long-term application.

These silver ion concentration is still quite sufficient for the efficient surface effect of AGXX®. For very sensitive applications in the pharmaceutical or biomedical field sterilized water can be generated that at the end of the process will contain only minimal amounts of silver ions. Industrial process or waste water is toxic not additionally burdened (with toxins) by AGXX®.

What does AGXX® cost?

We sell system solutions which can be very different depending on the application and the basic working material. The price is therefore dependent on the respective application. Meanwhile, commercial AGXX® systems have been sold on the basis of financial and procedural benefits for various applications.

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