AGXX® - the new bioactive contact catalyst
for decontamination of aqueous systems

Practice Results - AGXX® in the decontamination of Cooling Water

AGXX® is successfully applied in the PE coating in the large-scale industrial production of pipes. Here, the AGXX®-technology is used in the entire system of the industrial cooling circuit (cooling with gushing water tanks, storage tanks, reservoirs and back cooling units). This water (bank filtrate) taken from deep wells (about 200m³) is circulated through cooling towers and storage ponds for cooling needed at 195° coated large-diameter pipes.

Baskets with AGXX®-Raschig rings Baskets with AGXX®-Raschig rings for antimicrobial protection of basins and tanks.

The previous use of biocides to control the germination rates could only be reached with the addition of large biocide amounts and with significant corrosion on pipes, valves and machinery, coupled with a significant burden of the wastewater.

The equipment of the entire cooling circuit led to the use of Raschig rings with AGXX®-screen baskets and with AGXX® networks hauled with a floating frame to complete replacement of the biocides.

By strategically placing the critical input materials, the microbial load of water remained in the normal course for many months and is now after more than a year of operating time at <10³ to 10³ cfu / ml. Due to a significantly reduced amount of biomass AGXX® deployment has also prompted the significant extension of the previously required cleaning intervals of the filter units.

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