AGXX® - the new bioactive contact catalyst
for decontamination of aqueous systems

Application of AGXX® technology in practice

Numerous projects to sterilize cooling lubricants and industrial cooling or process water are already in practice. AGXX has been used as contact catalyst in newly developed reactors, cartridges and filter cartridges for more than a year. Focus in practical use at this time is the sterilization of cooling lubricants and of industrial cooling or process water.

Since AGXX is virtually working without the release of any substances and therefore is not toxic for humans, additional applications in the pharmaceutical area, food industry, biomedicine and drinking water purification are being tested right now. For example, AGXX technology is at present tested as an approved pharmaceutical for e.g. eye drops, implants and in urology.

RTR system RTR system for large-scale production of AGXX® networks

To satisfy the increasing demand for AGXX , a first industrial facility for a large-scale production of this bioactive surface has been established. So AGXX is already being produced in the form of foil, net or powder. Coating of different materials like stainless steel, plastic, glass or ceramics is possible. The size of the coating can decide the durability of AGXX, so there is a choice as to whether its antimicrobial action should be active for months or for years.

Because of its specific properites AGXX also is resistant against most chemicals, especially against active sulfur compounds that normally deactivate silver. AGXX works without maintenance service and can - if necessary – easily be regenerated or cleaned.

Ongoing industrial tests of AGXX®:

  • Metal processing, cooling lubricants
  • Industrial cooling water, cooling towers
  • Plastic die casting
  • Laser shearing equipment
  • Drinking water purification
  • Food production
  • Protection of pharmaceutical products
  • Tank farms
  • Pumps and pipelines
  • Washing machines, dishwashers
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